Research & reports

dY/dX | Future of Work

dY/dX is a digital transformation company who use broad teams with varied skills and
expertise to help businesses adapt and grow in rapidly changing environments. Here are some samples of work I’ve done with dY/dX on the Future of Work.

Lacuna | White Papers

Lacuna Innovation was a boutique front-end innovation consultancy. I spend my years there trend-watching and helping to build inspiring on-paper solutions to some of the world’s leading business’ and brand’s challenges. Here are a few white paper samples I worked on based on our extensive trend research.

The Big Fat Fail

Within Lacuna, I was part of a small dynamic team responsible for launching a unique proximity marketing app. The national pilot was set to roll out the very month Covid happened. Social distancing and a mandated stay-home action made it a little tricky to launch an app specifically designed for people to interact with retail outlets, physical signage and each other! This, coupled with a few unfortunate investment fails meant the project didn’t go anywhere. But, we sure did learn a whole lot! And a lesson’s never a waste of time 🙂

Speakers Firm

From time to time I get to work with really interesting freelance clients – in this case it was The Speakers Firm; property of Empowaworx Strategic Creative Marketing, a highly respected marketing and communications agency.