Perfect isn’t built to last

What ever happened
To those times we spent driving around
In your car smoking and thinking
That’s all we’d ever need

How did it happen
That we got to being these strangers
From that spark that got us started
To when we set each other free

We ran the world, you and I
We flew up into the stars
We spilled our love into the streets
The whole world was ours

We were mad, drunk, addicted
To the love we grew together
To the thrill, the rush, the pain
The adventure and the pleasure

Why does it happen
I find myself thinking about this
Where you are, where my heart is
When last I felt your kiss

I guess sometimes it happens
Perfect isn’t built to last
But I will always be grateful
To have such bliss to miss

There, I Said It

Beyond childish crave and desire,
I respect, appreciate, admire
Oh, there’s still a burning fire
But there’s something else going on

Swimming in the deep
The true-blue reason I don’t sleep
It’s a secret I can’t keep
Only moon can hide from sun

Lasting longer than the embers glow
Flowing deeper than the oceans go
There’s something I want you to know
Before this perfect moment’s gone

This feeling’s stitched in truth
Free of kid-tricks from our youth
Unless it’s real there’s just no use
Hearts aren’t made so big for one

To me, you’re forever perfect
Inspiring, enlightening and worth it
It shouldn’t be this hard to admit…
Oh, I want to run

But I’ll stand here ’til it’s done
‘Til my endless battle’s won
And I’m finally brave enough to say
Love, I think that you’re the one


We found ourselves sharing the sound of the rain
It was cold, it was quiet; a dull, boring day
Should have passed us like dust on windswept dunes
Yet the day is burned in me, the memory of you

The shapes on your shirt, the crease in your smile
We smoked and drank and talked for a while
It was simple and sweet and short and plain
But somehow after that I wasn’t the same 

Unsolicited ecstasy dissolved to regret
I thought I was brave, I was willing to bet
But hearts are cowards the older they get
Should be so much easier, and yet…

When I find myself staring outside at the rain
On those cold and quiet, uninspired days
Thoughts complex and dark and tall and fierce
Come flourishing in with haste to pierce

A hole in my heart, the strength of my smile
And I smoke and drink and think for a while
About those eyes that burn bright as the sun
About the time, out of fear, I let go of the one

I love; therefore I ache

Because I want to be a person who you look at and decide I’m too decent for you to be so cruel to. That my passion for the little things, gentle beings, the abundant love in the universe will shine so bright that your pain, cruelty and manipulation don’t have power in my space. Maybe you have to fight fire with fire… Because love, my love, isn’t enough to quench your desire for destruction. This is where my pain lives – because I don’t just assume that you are mean and cruel and I’m a victim in the wake of your destruction, no. I sit there and think that I didn’t permeate enough kindness, love and grace through the situation; that I didn’t show you enough love to change your mind, change your heart.

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“Do you trust me?” He asked
She said “yes” without blinking
“You shouldn’t” he said
“You spoke without thinking.”

Too late, she had jumped
Feet first, eyes closed
He couldn’t have saved her
He couldn’t have known

If she were someone else
She would need him to try;
He thought she would fall
But she knew she could fly.

This Sentence

This sentence is afraid of going first. This sentence is non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, with no added sugar. This sentence was bullied by capital letters online. This sentence thinks you’re sexy. This sentence hurts when you read it. This sentence is exactly the same as the next one. That sentence lied. This sentence is punch-drunk in love. This sentence is black. Most people will never read this sentence. This sentence wants to see other people. This sentence is waiting for you at the narrow end of a dark ally with your nightmares in a dustbin bag. This sentence is six words long. Front to back is sentence this. This sentence is incomplete; without this other half. This sentence is Batman. This sentence has spicy, earthy notes with hints of fruit and salted caramel. This sentence doesn’t care what you think.