This Sentence

This sentence is afraid of going first. This sentence is non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, with no added sugar. This sentence was bullied by capital letters online. This sentence thinks you’re sexy. This sentence hurts when you read it. This sentence is exactly the same as the next one. That sentence lied. This sentence is punch-drunk in love. This sentence is black. Most people will never read this sentence. This sentence wants to see other people. This sentence is waiting for you at the narrow end of a dark ally with your nightmares in a dustbin bag. This sentence is six words long. Front to back is sentence this. This sentence is incomplete; without this other half. This sentence is Batman. This sentence has spicy, earthy notes with hints of fruit and salted caramel. This sentence doesn’t care what you think.

Mountain Dreamer

You ask where I’m going and I point to the hills
You want to know why I won’t stay
But when I show you the journey inside my heart
you turn your head away

My soul has a body, not the other way ‘round
Wisdom is not what you know
But we’re stuck together in a world apart
Where ‘how are you’ means ‘hello’ Continue reading

Seven Cups of Tea

I grew up in a home of rebel-academics, deep thinkers and psychologists. It isn’t uncommon for dinner table talk to linger on disassociative identity disorder, legalisation of marijuana and its effect on the informal economy, or my personal favourite; sex and sexuality. Zero “how was your day” or “how’s about them interest rates” conversation fodder for us. My 18th birthday card, given to me by my grandpa, included a hand-written summary of Gestalt psychology just below the “Happy birthday precious granddaughter” message the card-maker assumed would suffice.  Continue reading


I really don’t like to drive. And if I’m honest, I don’t think people like me should be allowed to. But living in a large spread-out city with no decent public transport means I have to get over myself if I ever hope to leave my suburb. It’s not the actual driving that starts me up. I’ve had years of practice and I drive an automatic – a circus monkey could drive my car. It’s getting lost that gets me.

Some languages have built-in navigational constructs that train the brain into crafting a sense of direction. Their languages develop around geographic directions: east, west, north, and south. So, when they’re describing where something is they might say “it’s southeast of you”, rather than “it’s behind you on the left”. Continue reading


Right now there seems to be a global consciousness toward healthy eating and living; unmatched by any other time in modern history. The food science industry and the research the industry reveals has a significant impact on how countries, companies and organisations chose to invest. This in turn, will impact how we buy, what we buy. It’s common for a new piece of popular research to significantly impact our buying and consuming behaviour. Just think Tim Noakes and Banting and you get the idea. Continue reading


Storytelling is universal; and ancient. Every society and culture from the beginning of
time has a tradition of storytelling.

tell-me-a-storyAlthough Africa is rich with stories and the tradition of storytelling, there isn’t much of a culture of documenting these stories in written form, or otherwise. Stories tell us about our roots, they offer concepts and give direction. They instil moral values, teach us lessons, preserve culture and allow us to remember history. They make us think and feel. They inspire action and spark ideas. Storytelling isn’t art, all art is storytelling. From the lyrics of a rap song to the fine movements of a ballet dancer or the brush strokes on a painting – all of art sets out to say something. To tell a story. Continue reading