We found ourselves sharing the sound of the rain
It was cold, it was quiet; a dull, boring day
Should have passed us like dust on windswept dunes
Yet the day is burned in me, the memory of you

The shapes on your shirt, the crease in your smile
We smoked and drank and talked for a while
It was simple and sweet and short and plain
But somehow after that I wasn’t the same 

Unsolicited ecstasy dissolved to regret
I thought I was brave, I was willing to bet
But hearts are cowards the older they get
Should be so much easier, and yet…

When I find myself staring outside at the rain
On those cold and quiet, uninspired days
Thoughts complex and dark and tall and fierce
Come flourishing in with haste to pierce

A hole in my heart, the strength of my smile
And I smoke and drink and think for a while
About those eyes that burn bright as the sun
About the time, out of fear, I let go of the one

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