I love; therefore I ache

Because I want to be a person who you look at and decide I’m too decent for you to be so cruel to. That my passion for the little things, gentle beings, the abundant love in the universe will shine so bright that your pain, cruelty and manipulation don’t have power in my space. Maybe you have to fight fire with fire… Because love, my love, isn’t enough to quench your desire for destruction. This is where my pain lives – because I don’t just assume that you are mean and cruel and I’m a victim in the wake of your destruction, no. I sit there and think that I didn’t permeate enough kindness, love and grace through the situation; that I didn’t show you enough love to change your mind, change your heart.

Because as much as I believe that life is a random series of reactions and responses; I also believe that we’re all just looking for love – for a place to put our love and for love to place in our hearts.

But maybe it’s been so long since we’ve tasted real love that we don’t know what it is when we put it to our lips. Maybe we’ve been sold cheap love for so long we’re not willing to pitch in for the real deal. Maybe we have forgotten how to love ourselves so much so that we can’t submit to it’s awesome power and let it flow freely between our hearts and others.

I love; therefore I ache. This is what it means to be a lover.

2 thoughts on “I love; therefore I ache

  1. Beautiful words from the most incredibly talented woman in the world. When are you writing a novel and may I be the first to purchase one? I hope that you continue to find inspiration in your adventures to fuel the fire that is your craft. You have all of my support. All of my love –

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    • 🙂 Thank you for your honey-coated words, sweet Kylo Ren. I’m certain the upcoming adventures will make for a timeless tale 😉 And the plus side? You won’t even need to read them – you’ll live them ❤


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