Mountain Dreamer

You ask where I’m going and I point to the hills
You want to know why I won’t stay
But when I show you the journey inside my heart
you turn your head away

My soul has a body, not the other way ‘round
Wisdom is not what you know
But we’re stuck together in a world apart
Where ‘how are you’ means ‘hello’

I don’t want to know what pays your bills
or what you ate last night
Show me what breaks you, what’s really inside
the reason you get up and fight

Tell me something about you nobody knows
What legacy will you leave?
What would you risk to hang onto love,
what lies do you believe?

Do you dare embrace the brilliant madness,
the exquisite beauty of grey?
The splendid mess that is you, that is I
from this moment and every day?
I do…

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