Lovers & Spies


What you yearn for
love, meaning, trust
Is in all the spaces
Between specks of dust
Creeping into your soul
An insatiable lust

To be driven with purpose
To have and to hold
But this life you bought
Is not what you’re sold
Out there is so different
To what you were told

You see people are empty
As pockets in streets
And your left hand man
Will take what he sees
Because everything’s his
He can do what he pleases

And she’s never safe
But neither are you
This world’s too wild
If you dare to be true
Dare to wear scars
Or cuts, or a bruise

But that’s all you have
In this life made of plastic
Your journey, your truth
So quit being sarcastic
Grow much thicker skin
And keep that heart elastic

‘Cause you are the cure;
The how and the why
The deep part of you
That breaks and cries
Is the weapon we have
To uncover the lies
That’s all this world is;
Just lovers and spies.

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